Conti Hair Academy

Education: the secret to success.

About us

Conti is a hair professional team recognized in the world of cinema, fashion and education, providing training to professionals in the sector at national and international level.

Miriam Continente and Alexis Continente run Conti Hair Salon, siblings who styled celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom among many others. Alexis got an Emmy Best Hair Nomination 2017 & a Guild Awards Best Hair Nomination 2017 with the TV series Penny Dreadful.

What do we offer?

We offer our own method and training programs for the professional in the fashion and hairdressing sector, in a space of more than 250 m2.

Why Conti Hair?

Miriam and Alexis have developed Conti Hair Method, a revolutionary system, after analysing the dimensions of the skull, creating 13 essentials points.

Thanks to the union of these, we obtain partitions. As a result of these, it helps us to streamline and optimize our work with the students.

The most accurate, practical and best-performing method on the market. Both in cut and in color.

Who is it for?

To a fashion and hairdressing professional, who wants to optimize, learn and improve new cutting and color techniques.

Learn with us the best way to organize and develop your creativity.

Our training plans:

Conti Cut. Learn with precision the philosophy and new cutting techniques with our method. Consolidate and optimize your cutting method in the salon to obtain impeccable results.

Conti Basic Color. Improve your base in colorimetry and learn new techniques for applying color.

Conti Expert Color. Improve your fading and tinting technique. Get perfect and stunning blondes with healthy hair, we will show you how to prepare the hair and scalp, and how to make correct applications.

Conti Técnicas de Luz. Create shapes and textures thanks to the balayage, ombré, contouring and baby lights techniques, with the Conti methodology. We will show you tricks and secrets to get blurred or more marked colors.

We create custom formations for you and your team.

«Learn the rules like a professional to be able to break them like an artist», Pablo Picasso.