Conti Hollywood

We balance our job at the salon while at the same time continuing our work in the film industry, where our talent is capable of reaching new heights and creating incredible, magical hairstyles. We have been involved in important productions such as “Murder in the Orient Express”, “007 – Spectre”, “Mamma Mia 2”, and “Penny Dreadful” among many other films.

Alexis Continente

Director & Founder

Alexis shares his career between the hair, fashion industry and the movie industry, where his creativity brought him to different international nominations such as the Guild Awards and the Emmys Awards in 2017. He also participated in important movies like “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Penny Dreadful”, “Rogue One”, etc.



Alexis Continente Nomination’s Emmys 2017 & Guilds Awards 2017